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Sidereal astrology is still valid in many ways, especially when it comes to measuring fixed stars Nakshratras , and these methods can even be more accurate than measuring planets and signs for some specific things on earth, especially in specific moments Muhurtas.

But, to conclude, the intention here is to describe why the original tropical zodiac doesn't change for measuring planets and signs, just like the original clock doesn't change for measuring minutes and seconds. It has to stay fixed to measure time around it, and it stays fixed to the tropics, i. Our year is based on the movement of the sun relative to the earth. This is equivalent to the hour hand of the zodiac. Our months are based on the moon. This is equivalent the minute hand of the zodiac. The twelve signs are twelve months, just like twelve hours. | About Us

Our measurements for years and months stay the same, but time changes. We measure the fluctuations of the solar system around these fixed systems. Our fixed systems are designed to relate to the perspective of living things on earth. Our systems for measuring everything in the universe, and deducing both its practical and creative meaning, will never be perfect, but the basics of the original tropical vedic zodiac signs, and planets, are as accurate as can be.

They have stood the test of ancient time. What zodiac does Wilhelm use for calculating the Navamsa? Personally, I switched from tropical to sidereal quite a while ago because the tropical zodiac just didn't work, especially on the physical level. I, too, think that there's one original astrology. If we go with the theory of the astrological ages, then all cultures have actually known and practiced the original astrology at one point in time, which means questions like did the Indians get astrology from the Greeks or vice versa somehow miss the point.

Astrology hasn't been 'invented' by any specific culture and then passed on to other cultures that had no clue whatsoever. Instead, it has been known by all cultures but they preserved it in different ways during their individual and collective cycles of decline. So somehow we have to find the way back to the source concepts of the original astrology thru the various traditions. Wilhelm uses sidereal for Nakshatras and tropical for everything else, including Navamsas. Last edited by Taurus9; at AM.

The Scientific and Mathematically Precise Astrologies of Parashara and Jaimini

Some say that sidereal works more on a different, perhaps more spiritual level, and this might the paradox, but then it raises the question why you find it works better on the physical level for you. That's exactly where it gets confusing because the Navamsa is also Nakshatra related. That's the beauty or genius of the Navamsa, Nakshatra padas translate directly into one of the 12 zodiac signs in the Navamsa. So if he uses the tropical zodiac for the Navamsa but the sidereal zodiac for Nakshatras then there's something out of sync again and he has something to reconcile again.

So by seemingly solving one problem he creates another. Originally Posted by sibylline. I've read that discussion. It doesn't resolve much. And the seasonal argument is bogus, too. So I don't see the need to reconcile anything. Last edited by sibylline; at PM. What I've learned from the skyscript thread is that Wilhelm did change a lot more than just switching from sidereal to tropical. He kinda totally broke with the tradition except for techniques. And it's not clear how extensive his 'research' actually is since he hasn't published anything. I think that was the main point of critique.

An astrological theory should work for the entire globe. So obviously the constellations are not to be taken literally. The division of the sky is more about numerology and geometry.

Check out Zoller's work on that. Yes, finding the correct Ayanamsa has always been a hot topic.

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I suspect that's what caused Wilhelm to switch back to tropical. For physiognomy just looking at the Ascendant can be very misleading. You would have to also look at Moon and Sun placements and planets associated with. In the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed and in the tropics near the equator there are no seasons at all.

Click on the link I've posted above. It's all explained in great detail there. The seasonal argument is bogus no matter how you approach it. Did you just test it with your own chart? I'd say if it isn't a perfect match, then it obviously isn't really working. The sidereal Ascendant is a joke, however, no offense. That comment was in reference to the charts I have studied. With the vast majority of the charts I have studied, the sidereal Ascendant is completely off -- that is a fact. I don't know what muchacho or other siderealists have studied and would never assume to.

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Nakshatras with Ernst WIlhelm and Michael Reed

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. In fact, the first courses by Ernst Wilhelm I listened to were very old recordings of phone lessons he had given, and he was using the Sidereal Zodiac. I thought he was brilliant but could not understand why he was using Sidereal Zodiac! When I moved onto his newer lessons, I saw that somewhere along the lines he had also switched to Tropical Zodiac. How is it possible that Astrologers disagree on this basic, fundamental principle of astrology? Here are what things stay the same regardless of which Zodiac calculation is used:. Depending on ayanamsa used, planets can also fall into the same nakshatra.

As you can see, enough stays the same that using the Sidereal Zodiac can still lead to a mostly accurate interpretation of a chart. Accurate enough that there can still be a debate between the two.

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When it comes to the debate, this is what most people are looking for. Why yes, even the classic Indian texts define the Zodiac tropically! I came to my own conclusions based on trial and error, and perhaps a place of inner knowing. This is where I pass the torch to those who have done the hard work of compiling the evidence and do a much better job of explaining the astronomy behind how a Zodiac should be calculated.